As of today, a diagnostic center is not just having an X-ray computed tomography (CT scan). It is also a counseling center capable of conducting a comprehensive survey and finding the best solution for each patient.
A successful development of a diagnostic center involves the expansion of its range of services, improvement in their quality and deployment of new methods and technologies. All these can be implemented using the software package Implant-Assistant.

The software package was jointly created by implantologists and programmers. It is used to deal with all the complex issues involved in implantation and prosthetics. The software consists of two main modules.

• First module – Implant-Assistant – is the main tool for an implantologist. It is used to plan an implantation procedure.

• Second module – Implant-Guide – creates a model of the surgical guide (Implant-Guide), which is then prototyped on a 3D printer.

Axial slices obtained through computer tomography are the input data for the program. The software package contains an electronic database of implants that are used in practice. If necessary, this database can be expanded to include new models.

Besides, with this program you can choose drills with stoppers, set the position of the sleeves for the surgical guide, etc.

What does Implant-Assistant offer to a diagnostic center?

With this software package, a diagnostic center can significantly expand its range of services offered (planning operations, creation of guides, etc.), which may attract more patients. Implant-Assistant can be used to plan an operation.

Moreover , the project can be transferred together with the free program Implant-Assistant to the doctor for correction and approval. Thanks to this software package, efficiency and convenience are implemented both for the physician and the patient at each stage of implant procedure. Which complex issues can Implant-Assistant solve? Implant-Assistant was designed to make implant procedure easier, more predictable and accurate, and make prosthetics faster. It significantly expands the capabilities of CT study.

With this technology, implant installation does not depend on random factors or the doctor's mood, but gets quicker, becomes a well-planned procedure, with minimal errors and complications.

Many important problems can be solved with this program.

• To independently process tomography data, and create three-dimensional models of the necessary objects.

• To plan an operation, taking into account the patient's peculiarities, work out and eliminate all the difficult aspects in advance.

• With the program, the doctor can perform virtual surgery, select the required implant and the optimal dental prosthesis.

• Based on the data obtained from the software package, Implant-Guide is created, which is used to install implants in the planned location.

Planning an operation using this software package enables a temporary dental prosthesis to be installed immediately after implantation. How can I purchase Implant-Assistant? If you are interested in the Implant-Assistant software package, you can download a demo version from us and assess all its advantages.

Each module can be purchased separately. Diagnostic centers can buy not only the software package Implant-Assistant as a whole, but also a 3D printer (for growing a guide) from Objet Company. All professionals who want to work with Implant-Assistant can be trained at our Center.

Right now, you can:

• get expert advice;

download Implant-Assistant;

• buy Implant-Guide.