Modern implantology is developing towards technologies that allow carrying out high-quality operations quickly and accurately. Main problems hindering the work of the doctor and affecting its quality:

  • inconvenient format of computed tomography data;
  • lack of 3D planning of operations;
  • inaccuracies in the parameters of a surgical guide (drilling direction and depth);
  • lack of mutual understanding between a team of specialists.

Implant-Assistant software package was developed precisely to tackle these problems.

Two modules of Implant-Assistant:

  • first – Implant-Assistant;
  • second – Implant-Guide.

These modules convert all the information through a single chain from the initial computer tomographic study to the creation of a surgical guide and prosthetics.

Why does a doctor need Implant-Assistant?

A full range of Implant-Assistant programs helps to solve many important problems:

  • to convert tomography data into a convenient format and process them;
  • to choose an optimal dental prosthesis;
  • to perform virtual surgery;
  • to discuss all complex issues in advance and in coordination with the entire team of specialists;
  • to design a model of the surgical guide (Implant-Guide) and create it on a 3D printer, etc.

Since all information is handled in one place, the time from planning of implantation to installation of permanent prostheses is greatly reduced.

How to buy Implant-Assistant?

If the clinic has its own scanner, it is recommended to buy: an Implant-Guide and download an Implant-Assistant of charge This gives the opportunity to personally process the images and plan the implantation procedure. If there is no scanner, it is enough to buy only Implant-Assistant for it gives huge advantage. To process CT scans and create a surgical guide, you can contact us at either our Center or at any of their clinics, where Implant-Assistant are used. In addition to the software, the Center also sells Objet 3D printer for prototyping of surgical guides. In this case, you acquire a complete set of tools for delivery of fast and high-quality service to your patients.

Additional free offers:

1. Implant-Assistant – a version for viewing Implant-Assistant projects. The program allows you to show projects to those who are not users of Implant-Assistant. For example, you can consult with colleagues or familiarize the patient with the treatment plan.

2. Trial Implant-Guide. You can order (only once) for a trial Implant-Guide (a surgical guide). To do this, you need to send the details of your patient's computer tomographic study to our Center. Our specialists will process all the information, create Implant-Guide and send it to you. You only need to pay the cost of materials and delivery costs. Creation of Implant-Guide takes 3 to 7 working days.

Right now, you can: