In this Download section, you can find all documents thematically scattered throughout the website. You can also download a software update and add fresh implant system databases. In the Implant-Assistant library, you can upload only those implant system databases with which you are working.


Databases of dental implant systems

Vendors of implant systems and links to download three-dimensional models.

Implant-Assistant programs

Free programs Implant-Assistant.

Movies of operations

Videos of real operations of dental implantation.

Photo Guide

This page contains all the photos and pictures posted on this website. You can click on a picture to enter the page of the site where it is located and get more information.



We hope that our comics will lift your spirits, make you smile, and also help you make the right decision and get rid of situations in which the characters in our comics find themselves.
Let us straight away state that we do not ridicule anyone, but, on the contrary, we respect and understand our colleagues.
We simply know very well the specifics of dental implantology and we want to show that now, every patient has the opportunity to choose.
Innovative technology Implant-Assistant is used to make life easier for both the patient and the doctor.

-"Foundation" (Foundation.pdf),

- "Accuracy" (Accuracy.pdf)



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