3D planning of operations in the software package Implant-Assistant is a powerful tool that, on one hand, greatly expands the abilities of an implantologist, and on the other hand, guarantees quality treatment for the patient. In this section, you can find the work of Implant-Assistant modules.

You can also with the surgical guide learn how information processing is conducted, starting from the first visit by the patient and ending with installation of implants using the surgical guide. Typical sequence of actions taken by a doctor in the Implant-Assistant chain, when a patient comes to him for help:

1. The doctor assesses the situation and sends the patient for a CT scan. If necessary, an X-ray-template is created beforehand.

2. Then the doctor loads the CT scan into the Implant-Assistant program, processes the information, builds three-dimensional models, and saves the project in Implant-Assistant format.

3. The project prepared is sent to Implant-Assistant. Here, the doctor plans the implantation procedure, selects the implants from the database, and conducts a virtual operation.

4. Based on the treatment plan approved by the doctor, Implant-Assistant Guide creates a model of the surgical guide (Implant-Guide). After this, the guide is prototyped in a 3D printer.

5. The last stage is the implant installation surgery using the surgical guide and prosthetics.

To see the program in operation, you can download a Implant-Assistant. In addition, we recommend you buy a temporary version of the Implant-Assistant program and independently check out all the delights of 3D planning of dental implant operations.

To purchase the Implant-Assistant software package or its modules, please contact us. You can use the Contact Us page. We offer free training to all users of the Implant-Assistant program. Besides, there could be different ways of cooperation. We are not going to disclose all the secrets now. Kindly contact us to discuss the details.

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