A complete understanding between the specialists (orthopaedist, dental technician and implantologist) is a key aspect that is compulsory for a successful implant procedure. This is necessary in order for the surgical guide to ultimately have very accurate information that incorporates the opinions of each specialist. In Implant-Assistant, a project presented in a uniform format is created for each patient. All data received are consecutively transferred between Implant-Assistant modules through a single chain from – CT scan processing to – creation of a surgical guide and dental prosthesis. After planning of operation has been completed, all the data are loaded by the Implant-Guide.

Tasks performed by Implant-Guide

Its main task is to create a three-dimensional model Implant-Guide (a surgical guide). During creation, this model takes into account all the patient’s features and the position of drills, drilling depth, etc, – all carefully planned by the doctor. Then Implant-Guide converts the information in the surgical guide into STL format and sends it to a 3D printer for prototyping. Implant-Guide is created within a few hours, and then titanium sleeves are molded into it. That's it! Implant-Guide is ready for use!