Modern implantology seeks to ensure that operations on dental implant fixture are conducted using a surgical guide created for a particular patient.

Implant-Guide guides are of two types:

  1. surgical guide has small-diameter sleeves for guiding drilling;
  2. implantological guide large-diameter sleeves. Through these sleeves, the doctor can not only drill but also install implants without removing the guide.

The doctor chooses which guide to use based on the clinical situation in the program Implant-Assistant Planner.

Creation of Implant-Guide

A three-dimensional model Implant-Guide (surgical or implantological guide) is created in the software module Implant-Assistant Guide.

The main convenience is that all information, from the processed computed tomography examinations to creation of a guide, is presented in a single format.

From Implant-Assistant Guide, file containing the computer model Implant-Guide is sent to a 3D printer.

Our Center uses printers manufactured by Objet – a world leader and expert in the field of prototyping.

The guides are created within few hours, through layer-by-layer application of photopolymer materials on the platform. Each layer is very thin (16 microns), and is hardened with an ultraviolet light.

Then, titanium sleeves containing information (worked out to a hundredth of a millimeter) about the drilling direction and depth are molded into the guide.

It is also possible to create a guide with sleeves for fixing screws, thereby making the guide to be rigidly attached to the jaw.

Implant-Guide can be used almost immediately after creation.

A significant advantage of Implant-Guide is that it is assembled in one place very quickly and accurately, and does not require a specialized laboratory.