Plastic base of the guide

The virtual model of the Implant-Guide is made in the Implant-Assistant Guide software on the basis of a treatment plan that has been proposed by the dentist and a choice of implants, fixing screws, drills with drill stops and guiding sleeves that have been recorded in the Implant-Assistant Planner project. The Implant-Guide’s virtual model file is sent for prototyping. The plastic base for the Implant-Guide is made on Objet 3D printers, which allow models to be made with an accuracy of 0.01mm. After cleaning the model as recommended by the manufacturer, the titanium sleeves that holds the information on place, location and depth of drilling are pressed into it. Due to the high accuracy of model fabrication process, adhesives are not used at all.

Guiding sleeves

The sleeves are made of titanium alloy; Ti-6Al-4V ELI brand. The bore of standard guiding sleeves is 2.2 mm, the diameter of the sleeve for fixing screws is 1.5mm. It is possible to choose and install sleeves of different sizes. There are sleeves for Nobel Guide as well as DENTSPLY Friadent ExpertEase. The location of the sleeve inside the guide is determined by the implant location or by the fixing screw. The choice of drill affects the height of sleeve location inside the guide.

Drills with drill stopper

By moving the drill along the axis of the implant, the depth of drilling is defined in the Implant-Assistant Planner Free software after arranging the implants. There are three-flute drills with stopper ring distances of 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, and 26mm and a diameter of 2.2mm. They are labeled as follows:

12mm drill – grey ring and number 12;

14mm drill – purple ring and number 14;

16mm drill – white ring and number 16;

18mm drill – yellow ring and number 18;

20mm drill – red ring and number 20;

22mm drill – blue ring and number 22;

24mm drill – green ring and number 24;

26mm drill – black ring and number 26.

Drill for the fixing screw

 Diameter is 1.2mm. The drilling is carried out through proper sleeves up until the drill stops.

Fixing screw

 Diameter is 1.5 mm, length is 17mm. The Implant-Guide is attached to the jaw by screws through proper sleeves. The place and location for fixing the screw is chosen in the Implant-Assistant Planner Free software. The screws should be installed within the boundaries of the X-ray-guide.

Screwdriver for the fixing screw

 The screwdriver is intended for tightening the screws using a right-angle handpiece. It is possible to use this for manual tightening.

Fixing pin

 It is used when the probability of Implant-Guide displacement is high, especially during drilling of holes inside cortical lamina of high density that is situated at a sharp angle to the axis of drilling.

Sterilizing cartridge

The cartridge is intended for storing, transportation and sterilization of drills, screwdriver and fixing pins.

The cartridge is ergonomic: finding the drill of the required length is simplified.