The software package Implant-Assistant allows to efficiently change the professional capabilities of each expert working in the field of dental implantology. To learn how to use the program, you can download Implant-Assistant.  After downloading and running the installation file, you should choose a language from the list and install the program.

In addition, you can watch video tutorials posted on our website. The entire chain from processing of a CT scan in the program to implant installation using Implant-Guide is shown here. We have also designed a small online tutorial on how to use Implant-Assistant.

There are various algorithms for the doctor’s sequence of actions, depending on the situation. There is a detailed manual in the Implant-Assistant program itself. It can be accessed from the main menu through the Help-Inquiry option or press the F1 key.

The seminar "Planning and Conducting dental implant surgeries using a computer-tomography scan and computer modeling" is dedicated to the work of the program and its use. A detailed program of the seminar and the conditions for participation in it can be found here.