Planning and carrying out the dental implantation surgery using CT study and computed modeling.

  • Preparing the patient for CT study.
  • Implant-Assistant® software.
  • Scanning procedure.
  • The format of data, analysis of the CT scan and preparation for planning in the Implant-Assistant software.
  • Setup of the Implant-Assistant software, folder paths, import, and how to open and save the project.
  • Restoring occlusion integrity and making a radiopaque guide.
  • Menu and program dialogs.
  • Neurovascular fascicle visualization.
  • Diagnostics and planning tools.
  • Density of bone tissue.
  • Shape of bone tissue.
  • Choosing the implants and places for installation, taking into account the quantitative and qualitative composition of bone tissue.
  • Choosing the surgery method, based on the analysis data.
  • Different surgical guides.
  • Prototyping.
  • Using surgical and implantation guides Implant-Guide®.

Duration of seminar – 1 day. Seminar fee – 9,000 rubles. Users of Implant-Assistant software can participate in the seminar free of charge. Application for the seminar.