We are pleased to tell you about our team and the work we have done over the last 12 years. The Implant-Assistant team is a community of professionals in the field of dental implantology and computer programming. Our team operates at the Center of Dental Implantology. Our main area of activity is focused on development of software for planning and carrying out of high-precision dental implant surgeries. The Implant-Assistant software system is the main product of our team, which we are proud to offer Russian and foreign dentists. One of our priorities is to make all the technological innovations from the Center of Dental Implantology easily accessible to doctors and patients.

A. Offers for doctors and allied professionals:

B. Offers for patients:

  • Processing of CT scans
  • Planning of surgeries in Implant-Assistant program
  • Creation of surgical guides (Implant-Guide)
  • Dental implant surgery

Our Center of Dental Implantology has conducted more than one hundred workshops and seminars on Implant-Assistant technology and trained about 500 specialists. Thanks to this, tens of thousands of people from Russia and other countries have been able to receive high-quality treatment. Moreover, their number is growing every day.

Our partners


Our history and achievements


Launching of Implant-Assistant project


Creation of the first Implant-Assistant project


Beginning of implementation of Implant-Guide technology


First operation on Implant-Guide technology performed


  • Implant-Guide set created
  • High-precision surgery technology presented at the Dental Show 2008 international exhibition


  • Registration of trademarks Implant-Assistant® and Implant-Guide®
  • Implant-Guide® technology patented (RU) 2 369 354
  • Participation in the 33th International Dental Show IDS-2009


Implementation of Implant-Guide® technology for cone beam computed tomographies (CBCT)


  • Participation in the 34th International Dental Show IDS-2011
  • Implant-Assistant Guide module presented at the 20th Congress of the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO)
  • Implant-Assistant is recognized as the best innovation project of 2011 in the Russian Innovation Contest.


  • With Implant-Assistant project, Center of Dental Implantology becomes a member of Skolkovo Innovation Centre


  • Start a new technology RUB (combining the work of optical 3D scanners with computer tomography data).
  • Participation in the 35th International Dental Exhibition IDS-2013
  • Opening of the second office with a prototyping center: 143026, Moscow, the territory of the Skolkovo Innovation Center, Nobel str..5, "TECHNOPARK", 1 floor, room 135  LLC "Center of Dental Implantation" +7 (499) 35-000-03


  • Grant of the Skolkovo Innovation Center.
  • Participation in the 36th International Dental Exhibition IDS-2015. Cologne. Germany.


  • The program Implant-Assistant became free.


  • Participation in the International Dental Exhibition IDS-2017. Koln. Germany.


  • Extend the expiration of the implant trademark rights Implant-Assistant® and Implant-Guide®.
  • Registration certificate No. FSR 2010/06756 of Roszdravnadzor was reregistered.


  • Participation in the International Dental Exhibition IDS-2019. Koln. Germany.


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We will be very glad to have new acquaintances! Sincerely, Implant-Assistant team

Certificates and trademarks

            Товарный знак Implant-Assistant   Товарный знак Implant-Guide   Патент на изготовление хирургического шаблона