Text Lesson 8: In this project, the side surface of one implant and drill go beyond the boundaries of the cortical bone of the maxillary sinus, and during drilling, the Schneider’s membrane is injured. Respectively, you should set aside the drill from the apical point of the implant and after pilot drilling, form a bed for the implant using osteotomes. It is important to track the position of the implant and the drill relative to the bone structures on the slice passing through the implant. To do this, you should draw a line to create a panoramic plane through the axis of the implant in the axial slice, which is indicated by a white dotted line. To do this, select the Panoramic curve tool on the toolbar. When you activate this tool, the appropriate cursor will appear. Create a starting point by pressing the left mouse button, set the end point by double-clicking or by pressing the right mouse button. After this, you can on the panoramic view trace the implant in a slice along the axis along the entire length on a single slice. At various slices, you need to check at which distance the drill should be set aside in order not to injure the Schneider’s membrane. After setting the drilling depth, set the optimal length of the drill. Link to file high quality: www.cdi.ru/Lessons_IA/across_implant_big.avi.zip