Text Lesson 2: The implant installation position is marked on the axial slice or in the 3D window using the Section point tool. After selecting the desired position on the cross-section view, carry out implant installation. The Create implant tool is activated, using the relevant button on the toolbar. When this tool is activated, an implant installation cursor appears. In order to insert an implant, you should create a cortical point by pressing the left mouse button. Then, hold it down, move the cursor to the position of the axial point and release the button. When you are moving the cursor, the program offers a suitable implant from the database. After inserting the implant, you can replace it with another. To do this, go to the Properties of implant panel and select the desired implant manufacturer, series and size. The implant position can be adjusted using the Move tool, Rotate tool, or the implant manipulator. The implant number can be changed by assigning it a name conforming to the segment where it is located. The Implants table shows a list of implants inserted with their characteristics. When ordering for implants, you can copy the list to the clipboard by pressing the appropriate button and then send it the company selling the implant. Link to file high quality: www.cdi.ru/Lessons_IA/create_implant_big_eng.avi.zip