Text Lesson 1a: A panoramic curve can only be drawn in an axial view. On the lower jaw, the panoramic curve is drawn at the level of mental foramens. The Panoramic curve tool on the toolbar is used to create a panoramic curve. In order to create a panoramic curve, you need to create a starting point by left clicking in the axial view box. Then, according to the jaw bend, set the intermediate points of the curve by pressing the left mouse button. You can finish the creation by pressing the right mouse button, or set the end point by double-clicking. For a proper orientation of the panoramic curve, you should start constructing it from the right side. After creating the panoramic curve, a panoramic view and cross-section view are automatically created. Link to file high quality: www.cdi.ru/Lessons_IA/panoramic_man_big_eng.avi.zip